Photo Gallery

A photo of our Project Manager Chris with the President of the Alpha Group

Helping Out In Our Community

A huge thank-you to The Alpha Group of Delaware, Inc. for having us at the 7th annual Glitz & Gold Casino Night! We loved sponsoring and learning some more about black jack. All proceeds will fund the addition and expansion of new programs, services and transportation vehicles. We appreciate everything you do for our community!

Outlines of dishes after a fire damage that spread smoke

We check the entire home for smoke damage

Here at SERVPRO of Delaware, OH we go above and beyond to check and restore the entire home after a fire damage. Often the customer doesn't think there is soot in other areas of the home because they don't see it immediately. As this picture shows, soot can even make its way into your cabinets leaving outlines from your clean dishes.

A bedroom after a fire with insulation falling and fire damage

Master Bedroom After Electrical Fire

This fire started in the attic of this Delaware County home. The fire was caused by an electrical malfunction right over the Master Bedroom. Although the fire only spread to the bedroom, it caused smoke to spread throughout the entire home needing restoration of all the items in the home.

Water Damage in Union County Home

This Union County, OH home underwent extreme water damage. This picture shows water gathering in the ceiling causing the ceiling to bubble and fall down. We arrive onsite very quickly to help get the water damage taken care of.

Stove Top Fire in Delaware, OH

Stove top fires are one of the leading causes of house fires. With this fire in Delaware, OH, the homeowner was able to put out the fire very quickly but still endured a lot of smoke damage throughout the home.

Our Owner, Rich Teaching a CE Class

Our owner, Rich Cottrill loves teaching others about SERVPRO. Here he is showing a Continuing Education Class for insurance agents and realtors how to properly clean carpet after a fire loss. This class was on Fire Restoration.

Marysville Home Floods

Here is another picture of the home in Marysville that flooded. As you can see, the ceilings were caving in and the drywall and insulation were falling out from the extensive water damage.

House Flooded in Marysville

This home flooded in Marysville while the homeowners were on vacation. Every level was affected and the entire home needed to be gutted, cleaned, and dried. We arrived immediately to take care of the customer's home.

2018 Quatro de Mayo Insurance Agent and Realtor Happy Hour

We love throwing Happy Hour's for our local businesses such as realtor's and insurance agents. Thanks to Joe and Donna for organizing everything and assuring a successful happy hour! Happy Quatro de Mayo!

2018 SERVPRO Group Fishing Trip Sponsored by Ohio Temp Heat

Some of our office staff went out on a group fishing charter lead by Ohio Temp Heat. They loved the opportunity to bond and spend time with their co-workers. They brought back a ton of fish and made some great dinners! Walter caught the biggest fish. Awesome job Walter!

Continuing Education Class on Mold

Our owner, Rich, teaching a Continuing Education Class on Mold. At SERVPRO of Delaware, OH we are constantly putting on Continuing Education classes throughout the year to help out our local insurance agents and realtors.

Stove Fire in Delaware, Ohio Spreads Soot Throughout House

This small stove fire didn't physically damage much of the house but it did spread smoke throughout the entire house. From the smoke spreading through every room so did soot. We cleaned this home from top to bottom to make sure there was no more soot anywhere.

Mold Grows Easily in this Morrow County Basement

This homeowner suspected mold after going into their basement and looking at the ceiling and seeing this. We came out to verify the mold issue and resolve it very quickly. Some homeowners miss mold because it can grow in areas you don't check very often.

Soot Spreads Throughout this Marengo Home

When a fire happens in a home, sometimes the fire itself does not spread very far but it usually leaves soot throughout the home. In this home the fire itself was very small and contained but as you can see, the soot was on everything including those small spider webs throughout the home.

Local Hospital Has a Pipe Burst

This local hospital called for our help when they had a pipe burst that spread water throughout multiple floors. We arrived quickly and got the area dry. They were very pleased with how we responded and how good of a job we did.

Heat Tape Catches on Fire in Morrow County

In this home the heat tape on the water pipe actually caught on fire and spread smoke throughout the home. The pipe the heat tape was on actually put out the fire because the fire causes the pipe to burst. We were able to help this customer with both their fire and water damage.

Mold Found in This Historic Home

This mold was the aftermath of years of water sitting in an area that was not expected to have mold and was covered up. It is important to check your home for mold everywhere not just in places you can see because it can grow easily throughout your house. Give SERVPRO of Delaware, OH a call at 740-369-5020 to learn more.

Columbus, Ohio Home Has a Pipe Burst Leaving a Hole in the Ceiling

After this home in Columbus, Ohio had a pipe burst we rushed out to try and help save as much as we could. From the water sitting on the floor, a hole formed in the kitchen.

Basement Flooded in Plain City, Ohio

This basement was used as a play room and storage area. When floods came in Union County, this basement's sump pump couldn't keep up and flooded this basement. We arrived and got everything extracted and dried very quickly.

Mold Found in the drywall of This Sunbury, Ohio Home

Mold can grow very easily when their is moisture in something. Drywall especially holds moisture making it the prime place for mold to grow and spread. This homeowner had a water leak and didn't think about the drywall being affected and now has a huge mold issue to resolve.

Pipe Burst in Westerville Filled This Tote With Water

This customer called us when a pipe burst in their finished basement destroying their drywall and carpet. This tote was sitting right by the water heater where the pipe burst and by the time we got there it was already filled.

Basement Flooded After Sump Pump Failure

This basement in Union County flooded after a sump pump backed up due to mass rains. There was significant damage throughout the basement. The homeowner couldn't believe how quickly we were able to clean and dry everything.

Mold Found in This Business' Attic

After a roof leak, mold grew in this attic without anyone knowing. Attics are a common place for mold to grow. If you suspect mold growth or have had recent water damage make sure to keep an eye out for growth and contact a professional if you notice any mold.

Steam Cleaning an Office After a Sewage Loss in Delaware County

When a local business called us in after a sewage loss, we wanted to make sure every step was covered and everything was cleaned. This loss was bad enough to need the carpet removed. After we removed the carpet we steam cleaned everything to assure safety.

Storm Knocked Down Chimney in Cardington, Ohio

Our customer called us when they realized the recent storms knocked down party of their old home's chimney. With this area exposed to the outside, water was getting into the home during the mass rains. We arrived same day and boarded up the chimney so nothing would get in and then started the drying process.

Helping Out a Commercial Contractor in Columbus, Ohio

We responded quickly when a commercial contractor called us after a property had all the pipes freeze leaving a hole in the ceiling and water throughout the home. The homeowner was very please with our clean up process and how courteous we were.

Plain City Home Flooded During Recent Storms

This customer had a sump pump fail after flooding occurred in their area. At one point they had 8 inches of water in their finished basement. We came in and had to remove the carpet because it was damaged so badly. Even after removing the carpet, the customer had a ton of standing water still.

Sewage Loss at a Local Church

This basement had a lot of sewage damage but the office staff helped with getting lime on it immediately before we even responded. This helped a lot and our team was able to do the clean up very quickly and get the area dry.

Huge Delaware County Basement Flooded

This customer had a flooded basement after 2 weeks of storms. The water level got to 3 inches throughout the 5 room finished basement. Our team responded very quickly in this crisis saving a lot of the homeowners items.

Volunteering with the Delaware Area Safety Council

Our General Manager, Leah loves helping out the community whenever she gets the chance. Here is Leah helping out during the Delaware Area Safety Council's Health, Wellness, and Safety Fair.

Delaware, Ohio Christmas Parade

We love to be involved in our community events. Here is our SERVPRO Christmas Float that we rode alongside with our families and friends. Being a part of the Christmas Parade is one of our favorite community events in Delaware and we look forward to it.

Our Staff and Families Participating in the Christmas Parade

Here are 2 of our Tech's, Josh and Jerry (in the background) helping out during the Delaware, Ohio Christmas Parade. For this Parade we rode on a SERVPRO float with our friends and family.

Continuing Education Class for Delaware County

This is our owner, Rich doing an outside demonstration during one of the many Continuing Education Classes he teaches. We love to stay involved with our local Insurance Agents and Realtors with offering CE Classes for FREE!

Fire Clean Up in Delaware, Ohio

Our tech, Jerry is headed out to clean up after a fire in Delaware, Ohio. He is driving one our of official SERVPRO vans that make it easy to recognize us when we arrive at your home.