Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

A photo of our Project Manager Chris with the President of the Alpha Group

Helping Out In Our Community

A huge thank-you to The Alpha Group of Delaware, Inc. for having us at the 7th annual Glitz & Gold Casino Night! We loved sponsoring and learning some more about black jack. All proceeds will fund the addition and expansion of new programs, services and transportation vehicles. We appreciate everything you do for our community!

Outlines of dishes after a fire damage that spread smoke

We check the entire home for smoke damage

Here at SERVPRO of Delaware, OH we go above and beyond to check and restore the entire home after a fire damage. Often the customer doesn't think there is soot in other areas of the home because they don't see it immediately. As this picture shows, soot can even make its way into your cabinets leaving outlines from your clean dishes.

Continuing Education Class on Mold

Our owner, Rich, teaching a Continuing Education Class on Mold. At SERVPRO of Delaware, OH we are constantly putting on Continuing Education classes throughout the year to help out our local insurance agents and realtors.

Mold Grows Easily in this Morrow County Basement

This homeowner suspected mold after going into their basement and looking at the ceiling and seeing this. We came out to verify the mold issue and resolve it very quickly. Some homeowners miss mold because it can grow in areas you don't check very often.

Mold Found in This Historic Home

This mold was the aftermath of years of water sitting in an area that was not expected to have mold and was covered up. It is important to check your home for mold everywhere not just in places you can see because it can grow easily throughout your house. Give SERVPRO of Delaware, OH a call at 740-369-5020 to learn more.

Mold Found in the drywall of This Sunbury, Ohio Home

Mold can grow very easily when their is moisture in something. Drywall especially holds moisture making it the prime place for mold to grow and spread. This homeowner had a water leak and didn't think about the drywall being affected and now has a huge mold issue to resolve.