Fire Damage Photo Gallery

A bedroom after a fire with insulation falling and fire damage

Master Bedroom After Electrical Fire

This fire started in the attic of this Delaware County home. The fire was caused by an electrical malfunction right over the Master Bedroom. Although the fire only spread to the bedroom, it caused smoke to spread throughout the entire home needing restoration of all the items in the home.

Stove Top Fire in Delaware, OH

Stove top fires are one of the leading causes of house fires. With this fire in Delaware, OH, the homeowner was able to put out the fire very quickly but still endured a lot of smoke damage throughout the home.

Stove Fire in Delaware, Ohio Spreads Soot Throughout House

This small stove fire didn't physically damage much of the house but it did spread smoke throughout the entire house. From the smoke spreading through every room so did soot. We cleaned this home from top to bottom to make sure there was no more soot anywhere.

Soot Spreads Throughout this Marengo Home

When a fire happens in a home, sometimes the fire itself does not spread very far but it usually leaves soot throughout the home. In this home the fire itself was very small and contained but as you can see, the soot was on everything including those small spider webs throughout the home.

Heat Tape Catches on Fire in Morrow County

In this home the heat tape on the water pipe actually caught on fire and spread smoke throughout the home. The pipe the heat tape was on actually put out the fire because the fire causes the pipe to burst. We were able to help this customer with both their fire and water damage.

Fire Clean Up in Delaware, Ohio

Our tech, Jerry is headed out to clean up after a fire in Delaware, Ohio. He is driving one our of official SERVPRO vans that make it easy to recognize us when we arrive at your home.