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Mold Remediation Testimonials

Everybody was really great, friendly, and very knowledgeable!

They did such a great job! No improvements needed!

We have worked with Rich and his team a few times over the years. The first time we worked with SERVPRO we were building a house and had an issue with the lumber and potential mold on it. Rich came out promptly to inspect and put me in touch with an environmentalist to test the lumber for mold. While Rich could have had his team take care of it, he put us first and had a third party get involved so that the lumber company wouldn’t balk at the findings and eventual cleaning that needed done. I was so impressed by the fact that they looked out for us as a customer and the end goal of our safety in having a mold free home, rather than their bottom dollar. Once the testing was done and we knew what needed cleaned, we were given an estimate for the work and it was done equally as promptly and true to the estimate. His crew was professional and did a high quality job. Due to the character, integrity and professionalism that was displayed to us during this time and the help as we went back and forth with the lumber company, they made lifetime customers out of us. They have since done more work for water in the basement and things of that nature and each interaction has been just as great as the first! If you’re in need of a reputable company that will treat you right, these are your people!

Call SERVPRO of Delaware, Ohio today they have Excellent owners who truly care for those who are in desperate need of their assistance!

SERVPRO is great for any job. They are such hardworking and trustworthy people! I am very impressed with their service and how polite they are. I am so happy with how they have performed I am even going to have them out for a carpet cleaning soon. They do it all!

The SERVPRO of Delaware, Ohio is the best business of its type in town! They were extremely professional, courteous, timely, and helpful. Their work remediating the issues in my Dad's house, helped result in the quick sale of my medically ailing father's house. I recommend them to everyone. Thanks again!!